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Who we are

Dimacs International, was founded by a group of Senior Retired Officers of the Kenyan disciplined forces, and other Government Security related agencies.

The organization was established, to engage the rich but untapped knowledge and talent base, of retired disciplined personnel. Most of the retirees, have had sterling careers in specialized fields, spanning over decades in the service, after intensive training both locally and internationally.

Our core mandate is to find opportunities that will engage this pool of highly professional and reliable human resource.
Kuna Mwanga Mbele!

We offer specialized services in the following fields:

  • Maritime Assets repair and maintenance.
  • Logistical support for onshore and offshore installations.
  • Construction.
  • Security Services and Operational Support.
  • Disaster preparedness & Management.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Paramilitary Operations.
  • Engineering.

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Why Us

Quality of Work.

Well, Dimacs International boasts of a vast pool of highly skilled, highly specialized individuals with a wealth of experience in the disciplined forces. These individuals are used to doing work at the highest levels to deliver the best results. Therefore the discipline and quality of work are guaranteed.

Exceeds expectations.

It is always our primary goal to exceed the expectations of those businesses, government agencies, non-profits, start-ups that hire us. With the quality of talent and skills our personnel possesses, it's hard not to surpass client's expectations.


Our personnel is skilled in many different fields ranging from Engineering, Information Technology, Finance, Security, and many more. We ensure that you are always covered.


To equip former servicemen with the skills, attitudes and resources needed for them to transition into a civilian professional career by matching them with the best job prospects available in the corporate and business world.


To be the preferred institution in the country for companies seeking specialized ex-military personnel and allied services.

Our Partners


Marine Escort Services Limited.


KU Center for Capacity Development.


Kenya Shipyard Limited.


National Employment Agency.

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